John Kenneth Muir's Space: 1999 Concordance

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AARCHON: The Chief Justifier of the Federated Worlds of SIDON.  A bearded, alien commander who  pursued the "primitive" Earth satellite Voyager One after its Queller Drive destroyed two inhabited worlds in the Sidon system.  Aarchon attempted to destroy Moonbase Alpha in retribution for this "genocide" committed upon his people.  Aarchon was unsuccessful in his attempt and fell victim to the Queller Drive when his armada of three war ships confronted Voyager One.  From the episode "VOYAGER's RETURN" (YEAR 1).

ARCHANON: "The Planet of Peace." A lovely world whose benevolent inhabitants are revered throughout the universe as "The Peace Bringers."  The legendary Archanons have sent missionaires to hundreds of planets including Earth and CHROM II.  On Archanon, all violence was outlawed centuries ago, though some unfortunate male Archanons have been known to contract a deadly and seemingly incurable "killing sickness." From the episode "MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

ARCHON: The supreme ruler of the DORCONS, a star-spanning, imperalist Empire.  Apparently the Archon inherited his power in a line of succession not unlike that of Earth's Ancient Roman Empire.  One Archon was killed by a treacherous family member and prospective heir, MALIC. From the episode "THE DORCONS" (YEAR 2).

ARKADIA: This barren, mysterious world may be the origin point for all mankind.  Arkadia was a seemingly dead planet when Earth's wandering moon was inexplicably guided to it by a cosmic intelligence.  On the planet,  an Alphan reconnaissance team discovered inscriptions in Sanskrit, a proto-European root language from Earth's distant past.   They also discovered human skeletal remains and forty varieties of Earth trees including oak, pine, willow and birch.  These discoveries confirmed that some Arkadians survived a terrible nculear holocaust on their world and traveled to Earth some 25,000 years ago with the "seeds of life."  The same strange force which guided the Alphans to Arkadia was responsible for compelling two Alphans, Luke Ferro and Anna Davis, to steal supplies from the base and return life to the dead world.  From the episode TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA (YEAR 1)  
A chlorine-breathing alien from the planet Creno. An organism Maya has morphed into from time to time...
ARIEL: A mysterious planet encountered by Moonbase Alpha.  The inhabitants - neither malvolent nor benevolent, briefly provided the wandering satellite with a breathable atmosphere in an attempt to keep the Alphan's from penetrating their thick-clouded atmosphere.."  When the moon did not achieve orbit around Ariel as expected, the inhabitants of the world withdrew the atmosphere so that it would not turn to ice and crush the Alphans.  A single transmission from the Ariel civilization revealed to the Alphans that the aliens had been watching the Earth and its people for some time and were afraid of the primitive humans.  Their "gift" was designed solely to keep Earthman away from their homeworld.  From the episode THE LAST SUNSET (YEAR 1).

ARRA: The elderly queen of the planet called ATHERIA.  An ancient, white-haired and apparently humanoid woman with regal demeanor and powers beyond human comprehension.  Arra encouraged Commander Koenig to permit her planet, Atheria to collide in space with the moon for "the great purpose of mutation."  She kept her promise to Koenig, and no damage occurred to Alpha at the time of the collision.  From the episode "COLLISION COURSE" (Year 1).
Above: The cover art of View-Master's Space:1999 packet, dramatizing events from the episode "War Games"
ATHERIA: The colossal home planet of Queen ARRA.  A massive planet some thirty-four times the size of Earth's sojourning Moon.  Atheria, whose destiny is forever intertwined with that of Alpha, collided with the Moon and successfully entered another plane of existence, where it remains immutable for "time inconceivable."  From the episode "COLLISION COURSE" (Year 1).

AZOTH: A planet that housed a Three World Fair, and was the trader Taybor's last destination before setting down aboard the S.S. EMPORIUM on the lunar surface.  From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

: A psychotic alien humanoid, a scientist who hailed from the planet PROGRON.  While living on Progron, Balor granted his people the "gift" of immortality," but it caused only boredom, perversion and sadism among his kind.  Balor's solution to the boredom was a campaign of terror, which his people eventually rejected in a bloody civil war.  Balor was cast out from Progron for his crimes and entombed in an asteroid composed of living rock.  He was trapped there with nothing but his horrifying artwork for a thousand years.  At that point, he encountered the Alphans in space.  Upon his arrival at the moonbase, Balor unleashed a new wave of terror before facing defeat at the hands of John Koenig.  Koenig blasted Balor out of an airlock, only to learn that Balor had survived to fight another day, some months later.  From the episode "END OF ETERNITY" (Year 1) and the new POWYS ORIGINAL NOVEL "RESURRECTION."

A planet ruled by a centuries-old matriarchy.  When encountered by Moonbase Alpha, Betha was locked in a long-standing war with its neighbor on the opposite side of its sun, DELTA.  The Bethan people, under command of DIONE, utilized the moon as a moving gun platform from which they could lob powerful missiles at their enemy.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY" (Year 1).

A superior intelligence, unseen by the Alphans, which guided the wandering Earth satellite safely through the tumults of a black sun.  This life-form is so advanced (or rather, so different...) that it lives for "eternity" and thinks a thought only "once in a thousand years."  From the episode BLACK SUN (Year 1).

THE BLUE QUADRANT: A region of space surveyed by Commander John Koenig and Science officer Maya approximately 640 days after the moon left Earth's orbit.  At the same time on Alpha, two Archanon beings were discovered frozen in stasis beneath the lunar surface.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

: The young-appearing leader of a group of psychotic, revolutionary exiles from the peaceful planet called GOLOS. Cantar and his wife ZOVA used the power room on Moonbase Alpha to transport themselves (as well as hostages Dr. Russell and Security Chief Verdeschi) back to Golos for the purpose of further insurrection.  Cantar and Zova were particularly dangerous because a thin plastic membrance across their entire bodies prevented them from aging and made them all-but resistant to laser fire.  From the episode THE EXILES (Year 2).

A planet visited by Moonbase Alpha sometimes previous to the episode entitled MARK OF ARCHANON.  The inhabitants of Chrom II called the ARCHANON  "killing symbol" Flammon.  The inhabitants of Chrom believed the symbol was left behind by a god-like race to warn people where and when life might be in danger.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON." (Year 2).

CLEA: A female NORVAN officer aboard SAHALA's ship.  She is murdered by the PSYCHON renegade DORZAK while the ship is en route to its destination planet, THESSALINA. From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

The elderly humanoid who tended to the living machine known as Gwent.  He died of old age shoftly after the machine-entity landed on Moonbase Alpha to re-supply itself for its endless space voyage.  From the episode "THE INFERNAL MACHINE" (Year 1).

A planet of Chlorine-breathing creatures (see photo above;).  MAYA has used her metamorphic abilities to become a denizen of Creno on at least two occasions.  From the episode "THE AB CHYRSALIS" (Year 2).

: The solar system that contains the planet NORVA, where a race of intelligent humanoids dwell in peace.  From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

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