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SAHALA: The beautiful, blond female captain of the NORVAN spaceship carrying the criminal DORZAK to the world of THESSALINA. Among Sahala's crew: CLEA and YESTA.  SAHALA loses control of Dorzak on Moonbase Alpha and seeks the aid and counsel (and friendship...) of Captain Alan Carter.  From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

The massive gunship commanded by the BETHAN commander DIONE.  Destroyed by Commander Koenig.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY" (Year 1).

SEBO: The home planet of the machine entity called Gwent as well as its humanoid progenitor of the same name.  From the episode "THE INFERNAL MACHINE" (Year 1).

SERVANT OF THE GUARDIAN: An android made by the GUARDIAN OF PIRI to resemble a beautiful human woman.  The lovely siren is endowed with powers of instantaneous transportation as well as healing.  She is destroyed by Commander Koenig, with a gun blast to the face.  From the episode "THE GUARDIAN OF PIRI (Year 1).

SHAMINAL (SP) A planet that houses an alien slave market, according to the trader known as THE TAYBOR. From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

: A living rock, encountered by a reconnaissance team from Moonbase Alpha some 565 days after leaving Earth orbit.  This silicon life form required water to survive and was capable of acquiring the life-sustaining fluid with a variety of tools, including several energy beams.  When the rock flashes a yellow beam, it can control human beings.  When it flashes blue, the beam causes paralysis in the human nervous system.  When it flashes red, the beam kills.  The silicon entity was also capable of reproduction, and interfacing with the Eagle's onboard computer systems.  The rock was resistant to laser fire and could only be stopped after Maya re-tuned a hand-laser to dehydrate the entity.  The Alphans escaped from the planet of the silicon entity and then started the rain-cycle on the planet again to ensure its survival.  From the episode "ALL THAT GLISTERS" (Year 2).

: The system housing the Federated Worlds of Sidon.  Two inhabited planets in the system were destroyed by Voyager One's Queller Drive, leading AARCHON and his armada to pursue the primitive craft across the universe.  From the episode "VOYAGER'S RETURN" (Year 1).

A cosmic intelligence that pulsated with light and life.  The brain was the center of an entire galaxy, or perhaps many galaxies.  It controlled planets, stars and strange lifeforms, all from its perch at (Alpha's) orbital reference 397.  The space brain was on a collision course with the Moon and attempted to communicate with the Alphans by interfacing with the human astronaut, Kelly.  Though the brain and the Alphans worked closely to avoid disaster, a strange malfunction prevented an operation (using nuclear charges) that would have saved both bodies.  In the end, Alpha tore through the space brain like a bullet, killing the entity and casting at least a section of the universe into chaos, as the Alphans later found out at the planet Pyxidea.  From the episode "SPACE BRAIN" and the original Powys Novel "THE FORSAKEN." (Year 1).

Minus spelled backwards, and also the home planet of the nefarious VINDRUS.  SUNIM is a planet where because of a terrible disaster, the inhabitants of been rendered "anti-matter."  Unfortunately, that also means their evolutionary process is backwards, and they are devolving into the "slime."  The planet is encountered by the Alphans some 1702 days after leaving Earth orbit.  From the episode "A MATTER OF BALANCE" (Year 2).

: A strange phenomenon in space described as a "space weather belt."  It was encountered by Moonbase Alpha some 2012 days into their intergalactic sojourn.  At the heart of the electromagnetic belt known as Taura was a barren, inhospitable world that would someday prove inhabitable.  From the episode "THE SEANCE SPECTRE" (Year 2).

An obese, duplicitous space trader and captain of the S.S. EMPORIUM.  Hailing from the planet PINVITH THE LESSER, this trader comes to Alpha bearing gifts, including a Memory Amplifier and other strange devices.  Before heading to Alpha he attended the three world fair on AZOV, some 200,000 parsecs from the lunar base.  He has a trading license, one valid for five years.  Taybor's ship is powered with the Intergalactic Jump Drive, allowing him access to hyperspace.  The Taybor proves untrustworthy when he tries to leave the base with the ultimate one-of-a-kind, the beautiful Maya.  From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of DELTA.  This representative of the Deltan patriarchy agreed to a cease-fire with BETHA, arranged by Alpha's Commander Koenig, but threatened to destroy the lunar base when Betha broke the deal.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY" (Year 1).

A seemingly Earth-like world of mauve skies and unusual vegetation, encountered by the errant moon early during its odyssey.  The planet was actually composed of anti-matter and home to a race of anti-matter beings.  Human life could not exist there, meaning the planet proved not to be the home the Alphans so desperately sought.  By some unusual happenstance, Terra Nova was the final resting place of the spirit of Helena Russell's husband Lee, lost during the Astro 7 mission in Jupiter orbit. From the episode "MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH" (Year 1).

: The ferocious guardian of SUNIM's temple (housing anti-matter transfer generating equipment).  The Thaed is a roaring, armed beast that wears armor reminiscent of a Samurai's.  Composed of anti-matter.  From the episode "A MATTER OF BALANCE" (Year 2).

: The Chief Commissioner of Bethan Defense, and DIONE's superior officer.  She spearheaded the use of the errant moon as a gun platform during BETHA's war with DELTA.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY." (Year 1).

The planet where the NORVAN captain SALHALA plans to exile the PSYCHON criminal named DORZAK.  From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

A mythological planet whose inhabitants visited Earth in the distant past.  The Tritonians were known by ancient Egyptians as "The Eyes of Heaven."  All worlds in the Tritonian solar system were destroyed when a star went nova, sometime before man developed space flight.  A Tritonian probe attempted to destroy Moonbase Alpha during its journey, but abandoned them mission when Commander Koenig persuaded it that Triton had been long obliterated.  From the episode "RING AROUND THE MOON" (Year 1).

: An ice planet located at the furthest rim of the known universe.  The weather conditions on the planet are quite forbidding.  Typically, it is sixty degrees below zero during the heat of the day and 170 below zero at night.  The only indigenous life-forms on the planet are a breed of ox and some plant life.  The survivors of the Uranus Probe crashed on Thule and, when encountered by the Alphans, had lived there for some 880 years.  The strange atmosphere of Thule kept the transplanted humans alive, but upon leaving that bubble of slowed time, these pioneers instantly aged and decomposed.  From the episode "DEATH'S OTHER DOMINION" (Year 1).

: An Earth-like planet discovered by Professor Victor Bergman in the mid-1990s.  Ultra is located just outside the boundaries of Earth's solar system.  A probe was launched in 1996-1997 to examine the planet close-up but the probe failed and Ultra was never explored.  From the episode "DRAGON'S DOMAIN" (Year 1).

: The lovely 246-year old daughter of the Zennite anthropologist RAAN.  She fell in love with the captured Commander Koenig, but found herself unable to cross "the bridge" between their disparate realities.  From the episode "MISSING LINK" (Year 1).

: Counsel to the ARCHON of the DORCON Empire.  A practical, if cold-hearted woman who, at the ARCHON's urging, launches a strike against Moonbase Alpha 2409 days into its journey for the express purpose of abducting the PSYCHON named MAYA and using her brain-stem to extend the Archon's life.  VARDA is killed when, during a tussle, the Dorcon flagship explodes.  From the episode "THE DORCONS" (Year 2).

: A frozen planet encountered by Moonbase Alpha roughly 513 days after breakaway.  Vega was once ruled by a technologically-advanced race of humanoids.  The humans built android servants linked through a powerful master computer, and the computer, in turn, built more humanoid androids.  Soon, the androids took over the planet and subjugated their human masters.  The andoirds feared humans because of their intuition and emotions.  Led by ZAMARA and ZARL, the androids captured Tony Verdeschi and Dr. Helena Russell to make them teach the machines the secrets of human emotion (and the ability to kill...)  From the episode "ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY" (Year 2).

: An anti-matter inhabitant of the planet SUNIM.  He is bound and determined to free his people from their anti-matter prison and anti-matter fate (devolution to the slime...) and so plans to exchange matter beings, namely the Alphans, for his own kind.  To this end, he taps a teenager on Alpha, a botanist named Shermeen.  From the episode "A MATTER OF BALANCE" (Year 2).

: A female NORVAN and a member of SALHALA's crew, charged with transporting the PSYCHON criminal DORZAK to the distant world of THESSALINA.  From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

: The female-appearing android leader of the machines on the planet VEGA.  She attempted to learn the secret of human emotions before she found herself immobilized and de-activated, courtesy of the Alphans. From the episode "ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY" (Year 2).

A KALDORIAN captain.  He commanded a six-person colonization vessel fleeing from the dying planet of KALDOR.  A wise and logical individual of imposing height (and long white hair...), Zantor hoped to restore the traditions of his race on the distant planet of Earth.  His ship crashed on the moon by accident, but Zantor proved a friend to the Alphans for a time.  From the episode "EARTHBOUND" (Year 1).

A male-appearing android from the planet Vega.  Thanks to the ministrations of Helena Russell, he experienced the human emotion of love before a total, catastrophic systems-failure.  From the episode "ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY" (Year 2).

: A violet-hued world of great mystery, filled with lights, color and an alien metropolis.  The planet Zenno and its ZENNITE inhabitants exist in a dimension/universe apparetly "five million years" ahead of Earth in terms of evolution and civilization.  The inhabitants of the planet are peaceful, gold-skinned humanoids who wear long robes and strange hats.  The Zennites can control the power of thought.  One Zennite, the anthropologist RAAN, abducts Commander Koenig to study him as a kind of "missing link."  From the episode "MISSING LINK" (Year 1).

: CANTAR's wife and fellow exile from the planet called GOLOS. A diminutive blond woman of youthful, girlish appearnace, Zova is actually three hundred years old.  When freed from her cryostasis containers with Cantar, she unleashes a reign of terror on the Alphans.  Like Cantar, she can incapacitate enemies by touching the base of the spine.  Zova was ejected into space by Koenig, and that was the last anybody saw of her.  So far.  From the episode "The EXILES" (Year 2).

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