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The Mark IX Hawk fighter, as seen in the Space:1999 episode "War Games."  Notice the side-boosters and the wing-like weapon pods, which make the craft faster and more deadly than Alpha's standard Eagle transporters.
HADIN: A hulking native of Level 7 aboard the derelict space-ark DARIA.  Served as "muscle" during the rites in honor of the (false) god NEMAN. From the episode "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" (Year 1).

: The Mark IX fighter, a brother to the Eagles.  Built on Earth, these Hawks appeared - rather surprisingly, during Moonbase Alpha's encounter with a strange alien culture in the episode "War Games."  With no warships or weapons of their own, the aliens belonged to a kind of hive-mind "brain" and implanted the image of attacking Hawks in the minds of Alphans, precipitating an illusory war.  From the episode "WAR GAMES" (Year 1).

JARAK: The leader of a group of genetic exiles who were fleeing a world which ruthlessly imposed genetic conformity.  Jarak possessed the body of Alpha's first lunar-born infant, Jackie Crawford for a time.  His pursuers finally caught up with him and destroyed both Jarak and his people.  From the episode "ALPHA CHILD." (Year 1).

KALDOR:  Home planet to a race known as the KALDORIANS.  Kaldor wasa dying world, succumbing to sterility, yet her people seemed wise, logical and serene.  The humanoid Kaldorians finally left their dying world in small ships in hopes of colonizinig other worlds so that their race and traditions could continue.  A group of six Kaldorians landed on Moonbase Alpha not long after Breakaway, led by the imposing but benevolent Captain ZANTOR.  Zantor's people had mastered the science of suspended animation and were looking forward to a seventy-five year journey to Earth in placid stasis  Their journey was interrupted by their ship computer's discovery of the Earth's moon in a place it was not supposed to be...well beyond the confines of Earth orbit.  One crewman shy, because of an accidental death, Zantor resumed his journey peacably following the stopover on Alpha.  Aboard his ship at that time was Commissioner Simmonds. From the episode "EARTHBOUND" (Year 1).

KALTHON: A once-great alien race/planet, reduced to a microscopic, embryonic seed called "The Heart of Kalthon" to avoid a galactic calamity, the proximity of a black sun.  All of Kalthon, its people, cities, vegetation, and animal life was stored in this seed, which resides on a jewel-like asteroid, inside a strange "hall of mirrors"-type chamber.  A guardian of Kalthon, which assumed the appearance of Koenig's reflection, attempted to restore Kalthon to its former glory by absorbing all of Alpha's critical power supplies.  The attempt failed and the twisted duplicate of Koenig was destroyed.  From the episode "SEED OF DESTRUCTION" (Year 2).

: The Director of Reconstruction aboard the S.S. DARIA.  One of the few surviving "genetically pure" Darians aboard the craft, she artificial maintained her life through recurrent transplant surgery.  Kara's main purpose was to preserve the all-important gene bank of the Darian people, so it could be used to repopulate the species one landfall occurred on a new world.  From the episode "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" (Year 1)

C: An ARCHANON missionary murdered by Commander PASC on assignment to ancient Earth.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

A strange energy wave emanating from a space phenomenon, an unusual "whirlygig."  The wave grants a select few Alphans incredible psychic powers, some 2308 days after the moon's breakaway from earth orbit.  From the episode "THE LAMBDA FACTOR" (Year 2).

: An ARCHANON missionary killed by Comander PASC on assignment to ancient Earth.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

(SP?) An indigenous life-form of the planet KALDOR.  The eggs of the Libra Bird were a symbol of peace on freedom on that planet.  The Libra Bird, like every other life-form on Kaldor, ultimately grew sterile.  When Captain ZANTOR's vessel departed Kaldor, only two pairs of the Libra Bird still existed.  The eggs, when filled with gold, were greatly prized as memorials to the fading life cycle of the planet.  These eggs were presented as gifts to Commander Koenig, Professor Bergman and Dr. Helena Russell.  From the episode "EARTHBOUND" (Year 1).

A planet where a great holocaust once occurred, a brutal and murderous war between animal life and plant life.  In this case, the vegetation won, and intelligent plants came to dominate the planet, ruled by the cruel judges of Luton.  These plants sentenced Koenig and Maya to combat against three other alien interlopers for their crime, picking a berry! (From the episode "THE RULES OF LUTON" (Year 2).

Wife of Commander PASC, an ARCHANON.  She assumed command of PASC's peaceful missionary work on Earth when her husband became contaminated by the incurable "killing sickness."  She had no choice but to leave her husband and her son, ETREC, in stasis deep beneath the lunar surface until such time as the sickness could be cured.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

MAGUS: A robed humanoid figure who appeared on Moonbase Alpha some 1095 days after breakaway and pronounced himself to be "God."  Magus is actually a strange cosmic magician who has visited the Earth in the past as Simon Magus, Merlin, Nostradamus, and many others.  He wanted to create a new human race by breeding Koenig with Maya, Helena with Tony.  He captured the foursome and traped them on a planet called NEW EARTH.  There, he worked his magics on them, though Koenig resisted, especially when the commander saw the results of Magus's earlier experiements.  From the episode "NEW ADAM, NEW EVE" (Year 2).

MALIC: The rightful heir to the ARCHON of the DORCON Empire.  A treacherous, half-crazy, power-hungry youth.  He murders the Archon in cold-blood, briefly allying himself with Commander Koenig in the process (who was trying to save Maya from brain-stem surgery!).  Killed when the Dorcon flagship is destroyed.  From the episode "THE DORCONS" (Year 2).

: The commander of of the ARCHANON space vessel that traveled to Moonbase Alpha to recover young ETREC following his successful recovery from the "killing sickness."  A descendent of PASC's wife, LYRA, Maura allowed Etrec to return to his people.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

: A beautiful and curious native of the planet PSYCHON.  Daughter to the pre-eminent Psychon scientist, MENTOR.  Capable of molecular transformation, an art taught to her by her father, Maya joined the team on Moonbase Alpha as chief science officer when her world was destroyed by an overload in the biological computer known as PSYCHE.  A genius in math, science and astronomy, Maya has become an invaluable addition to Moonbase Alpha.  She has a deep loyalty to Koenig and has become romantically involved with Tony Verdeschi.  Introduced in the episode "THE METAMORPH" (Year 2).
MENTOR: MAYA's father. A brilliant scientist obsessed with the regeneration of his planet, PSYCHON.  Mentor used the engery generated by living (intelligent...) beings to feed his biological computer, PSYCHE.  Though clearly misguided, MENTOR was not evil.  He loved his daughter and wanted her to survive, even though PSYCHON was to be destroyed.  Mentor may have had a physical reason for committing evil acts. Maya speculated in "Dorzak" that Psychon men of a certain age become twisted by evil.  From the episode "THE METAMORPH" (Year 2).

META: A mysterious blue planet that apparently wandered into or near Earth's solar system in the year 1999.  A manned probe was supposed to be launched to Meta to investigate a strange signal emanating from the planet, but the moon blasted out of orbit before the mission could be launched.  The nature of the life on Meta, as well as the originators of the Meta signal, was never determined, at least not until "MESSAGE FROM MOONBASE ALPHA." From the episode "BREAKAWAY" (Year 1).

MIRELLA: Chief Counselor of the planet GOLOS and a descendant of a leader named RAGNOR (sp?).  She assisted Tony Verdeschi and Helena Russell return home to Alpha after defeating the insurrectionists CANTAR and ZOVA. From  the episode "THE EXILES" (Year 2)
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