John Kenneth Muir's Space:1999 Concordance

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DARIA: A planet that was once  home to a very advanced humanoid culture.  The planet was destroyed, but not before 50,000 survivors of the population escaped in a giant spark ark the S.S. DARIA. The life-forms on the planet (and later the ship) conformed to a life-type the Darians called "450X-294H."  The Darians aboard the ark degenerated into a strange class society in which the majority of the populace served as fodder, food and replacement parts for the upper class.  From the episode "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" (Year 1).

(S.S.) DARIA: The Darian space-ark measured some 20 miles in length by 5 miles wide.  Early during it's 1,000 year voyage to a new home, a major nuclear catastrophe occurred aboard, killing all but a handful of the 50,000 Darians aboard her.  The Daria was 900 years into its space voyage when its distress signal was picked up by Moonbase Alpha.  From the episode "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" (Year 1).
DELTA: A patriarchy involved in a centuries-old war with a planet on the far side of its sun, BETHA.  The Deltans threatened to destroy Alpha when the Bethan commander, DIONE, utilized the wandering satellite as a gun platform.  The Deltans finally showed some mercy to the Alphans by self-destructing their deadly missiles when Commander Koenig obliterated SATAZIUS, a Bethan warship.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY." (Year 1).

DIONE: A beautiful, dark-haired and utterly ruthless BETHAN military commander.  She was the captain of the massive gunship SATAZIUS.  She utilized Moonbase Alpha as a gun platform and attempted to double-cross Koenig once a cease-fire with DELTA had been negotiated.  With no alternatives, Koenig destroyed Dione's gunship, killing Dione and her crew.  From the episode "THE LAST ENEMY." (Year 1).

DORCONS: A race of conquerors.  Long-time enemy of Maya's people, THE PSYCHONS.  A sort of futuristic Roman Empire.  Well-equipped, technologically advanced, the DORCONS are ruled by a leader called the ARCHON.  Acting as a sort of prime-minister to this Emperor-like figure is a COUNSEL.  The Dorcons' power spans galaxies, and the Empire has the ability with its MESON CONVERTERS to transport warships - and perhaps armadas, across vast distances instantaneously.  The Dorcons are obsessed with immortality, and hunt Psychons because a surgically implanted Psychon brain-stem can buttress Dorcon physiology, permitting virtual immortality.  Maya noted that the Dorcons also control "the forces of nature." From the episode THE DORCONS (Year 2).

DORZAK: A great PSYCHON philosopher and friend to MENTOR and MAYA's family.  When environmental changes threatened to destroy Psychon, Dorzak fled the planet along with with other Psychons.  As a refugee, he attempted to foment insurrection on the planet  NORVA, in the solar system called CROTON.  A leader of great power, who came to prize survival over morality, Dorzak had powerful mental abilities, like a futuristic Rasputin.  When his followers became too powerful, DORZAK was captured by the NORVANs and exiled from the system to the planet THESSALINA.   He escaped from his captor, SAHALA, during a stopover at Moonbase Alpha, wherein he reunited briefly with Maya.  It was there, on Alpha, that DORZAK learned the priceless art of molecular transformation, making him an even greater threat.  Though he was re-captured by Sahala, Dorzak's final disposition is not known. From the episode DORZAK (Year 2).
DRAGON: A tentacled, cyclopean alien life-form.  Unremittingly hostile, this creature had the power to mesmerize  prey, and a terrible, fetid maw with which to ingest it.  This alien dragon eats humanoid lifeforms, sucking them into a giant maw and then devouring all flesh in a matter of seconds, leaving behind only steaming bones.  The dragon was first encountered by the ULTRA PROBE mission of 1996-1997 commanded by astronaut Tony Cellini.  Cellini encountered the beast inside a space graveyard, a "spider's web" where the dragon had killed the astronauts of many alien spacecrafts. Some years later, Cellini encountered the creature again when Alpha neared  the space graveyard (which had moved...)  Cellini died in a battle with the entity, leaving Commander Koenig to destroy it.  Maybe... From the episode DRAGON's DOMAIN (Year 1).
Above: The beast of Dragon's Domain,. This is actually a cardboard piece from the Amsco Space:1999 cardboard playset of 1976.
ELIZIA: The sadistic (but beautiful) warden of the penal colony on the moon of the planet ELLNA.  She knows that her society on Ellna has been destroyed by a terrible plague, but keeps that information secret from her wards. She captures Commander Koenig and plans to keep him as a personal plaything until Koenig eludes her and reveals the truth of the planet Ellna.  From the episode "DEVIL'S PLANET" (Year 2).

An Earth-like planet where a great humanoid society once dwelled in fabulously advanced cities. When Commander Koenig and med tech. Blake Maine come upon the planet some 2306 days after the moon has left Earth's orbit, the planet is a giant cemetery, the cities lined with corpses.  A biological plague has killed everybody, save for the prisoners and guards of a penal colony on Ellna's moon, run by the draconian warden ELIZIA. From the episode "DEVIL's PLANET (Year 2).

The jump-drive equipped spaceship and show-room of that intergalactic trader and scoundrel known as THE TAYBOR.  From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

: An ARCHANON child and the son of Commander PASC.  He was briefly infected with the terrible Archanon "killing sickness" in the distant past, while acting as a peace missionary on Earth.  Since there was no cure to the disease, Etrec and Pasc were both incarcerated in stasis in a subterranean lunar chamber.  Pasc and Etrec were unearthed by the Alphans centuries later, some 640 days after breakaway.  After some difficulty, and the death of Pasc, Etrc was cured by Dr. Helena Russell.  Healthy once more, the boy was safely returned to his peace-loving people.  His mother LYRA, his adopted caretaker, MAURA.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

GOLOS: Known by its inhabitants as "the peace planet."  A once- beautiful world marred by much internal dissent.  A group of dissidents led by the psychotic CANTAR and ZOVA attempted to take over the government. When the coup failed, Cantar and Zova and some 48 other dissidents were cast out into space in small cryostasis containers.  Some three centuries later, Moonbase Alpha came across the flight path of those chambers, which assumed a dangerous orbit around the moon.  From the episode "THE EXILES" (Year 2).

GWENT: A brilliant scienist from the planet SEBO.  Gwent invented the ultimate repository for his intellect and consciousness, a living machine entity.  The mechanical Gwent successor even had some elements of the humanoid Gwent's personality.  The living machine version of Gwent arrived at Moonbase Alpha wielding terrible power and demanding supplies.  Gwent destroyed three Eagles and one (perhaps two...) surface tanks before finally committing suicide.  The entity known as Gwent was blind and required the comfort and help of fact, the humanoid scientist who had created the monstrosity! From the episode "THE INFERNAL MACHINE" (Year 1).
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