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NEMAN: The captain of the Darian space ark S.S. DARIA. Neman came to be revered as a God of Perfection by the degenerate inhabitants of the ark.  In face, Neman was a "god" only in the sense that the pure Darians created a religion for the survivors of the ark so that they could control them, mostly to have a bank of replacement body parts when their own "perfect" bodies wore out. From the episode "MISSION OF THE DARIANS" (Year 1).

: A small planet inhabited by "mutants," the results of MAGUS's terrible genetic experiements.  Commander Koenig, Maya, Tony Verdeschi and Helena Russell were trapped on the Eden-like planet for a time, before escaping in an Eagle.  The planet finally came apart when Magus was unable to regenerate his power from the nearest star. From the episode "NEW ADAM, NEW EVE" (Year 2).

NORVA: An inhabited planet in the solar system of CROTON.  The NORVANS are a technological race of advanced and peaceful humanoids.  They are space-farers and tend to have females piloting their spacecrafts.  The Norvans are bedeviled by a PSYCHON in their midst, the insurrectionist DORZAK.  The Alphans meet up with a Norvan ship commanded by SALHALA.  From the episode "DORZAK" (Year 2).

NUMBER EIGHT: A humanoid on the planet VEGA who hides beneath the costume and mask of a robot, so as not to reveal human emotion to the controlling androids ZARL and ZAMARA.  From the episode  "ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY" (Year 2).

PASC: Commander of an ARCHANON missionary team on ancient Earth.  He became infected by an Archanon affliction called "the killing sickness" and was placed in stasis with his son ETREC beneath the surface of a moon for some thousand years.  Once freed by the Alphans, Pasc succumbed to his disease.  However, he gave his life and precious blood to cure his son of the affliction.  His wife was LYRA.  From the episode "THE MARK OF ARCHANON" (Year 2).

A massive starcraft cobbled together out of the ruins of the 1987 Uranus Probe vessel.  The ship was built in the icy subterranean caverns of ULTIMA THULE by the immortal survivors of that expedition.  When last seen by the Alphans, the Phoenix was in a half-completed state.  From the episode "DEATH's OTHER DOMINION" (Year 1).  Please see photo of the Phoenix, below:
PINVITH THE LESSER: The home world of the trader known as THE TAYBOR, some 200,000 parsces distant from Alpha's position at the time of their meeting.  From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

A strange planet encountered by the moon during its long space odyssey.  When Alpha neared the planet, they learned that Piri was run by an all-powerful machine-entity known as THE GUARDIAN. This super-powerful computer was built ages past by a race of humanoid Pirians.  These Pirians had a tremendous amount of technical skill and built the Guardian to run their affairs so they could partake in hedonistic pleasures.  The Guardian freed these humanoids from the responsibilities of making decisions and was instructed to maintain their state of utter perfection.  To accomplish this end, the Guardian actually suspended time on the planet.  When the Alphans visited Piri, the original habits were long gone, having died of total apathy.  after the Guardian and its android SERVANT were destroyed, time resumed as normal and life returned to PIRI after generations of temporal paralysis.  From the episode "THE GUARDIAN OF PIRI" (Year 1).

PLANET D: A desolate world of poisonous, gaseous atmosphere.  The final resting place of the ship and crew of Star Mission 1996, thanks to the murderous robot known as Brian the Brain.  From the episode "BRIAN THE BRAIN" (Year 2).

: Homeworld of the psychotic immortal, BALOR.  With Balor's guidance, the People of Progran achieved virtuality immortality, but were far from happy about it.  From the episode "END OF ETERNITY" (Year 1).

The biological coputer (or soul) of the once-beautiful planet PSYCHON. PSYCHE enabled the minds and bodies of intelligent beings (including the Alphans) to be used as "energy" in an effort to regenerate the heavily volcanic environment of the planet.  Psyche had the capability, once powerful enough, to transform Psychon back to its former glory.  When his people were threatened with absorption by psyche, Alpha's commander, John Koenig, destroyed the biological machine.  The resulting energy cascade destroyed the entire planet.  From the episode "THE METAMORPH" (Year 2).

: The home planet of MAYA, MENTOR, DORZAK and a race of highly intelligent humanoid beings.  Encountered by Moonbase Alpha some 342 days after leaving Earth orbit, Psychon was once a lush, beautiful world inhabited by poets, philosophers and scientists.  By the time the Alphans arrived, however, it was a volcanic furnace overflowing with lava, and quite near total destruction.  The precise nature of the disaster that destroyed Psychon is not known, but Mentor told Koenig that it was "natural."  Mentor also noted that Psychon had been invaded many times, perhaps by their long-time enemy, the DORCONS, whom Maya revealed could "control the forces of nature."  The planet Psychon was destroyed when the biological computer PSYCHE released its vast energy stores.  Maya escaped to Alpha.  It is also known that others survived the destruction of the planet, including the criminal DORZAk and Maya's own brother (RULES OF LUTON).  The inhabitans of Psychon had great mental/persuasive abilities (DORZAK) and some of its inhabitants, including Maya had mastered "the art of molecular transformation.'  From the episode "THE METAMORPH" (Year 2).

: The foremost anthropologist of the advanced world known as Zenno.  Raan, a humanoid, captured Commander Koenig's spirit in an effort to discover the motives and emotions of primitive man.  A curious inhtellectual, Raan was not evil, he merely did not consider Koenig to be a truly advanced life form.  From the episode "MISSING LINK" (Year 1).

A location dropped by the space trader known as the Taybor.  From the episode "THE TAYBOR" (Year 2).

: JARAK's beloved mate.  She possessed the body of an Alphan named Cynthia Crawford before helping JARAK assume control of Moonbase Alpha.  She was eventually destroyed by her pursuers, aliens from a world that ruthlessly imposed genetic conformity. From the episode "ALPHA CHILD" (Year 1).

: A lush, prehistoric, jungle-like planet encountered by Moonbase Alpha.  Though rich in vegetation and animal life, no intelligent beings apparently existed on Retha.  However, Retha's surface did bear a strange phenomenon, a mysterious time-warp shrouded in a white mist.  This time-warp transformed a group of Alphans, including Commander Koenig and Dr. Helena Russell, into stone-age men for a brief spell.  From the episode "FULL CIRCLE" (Year 1).

Left: Alan Carter (Nick Tate) aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo, from Star Trek.  This is a photo from a convention in the 1970s.

Right: The cover of John's new original (officially licensed) SPACE:1999 novel, THE FORSAKEN (from Powys Media).
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