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John Kenneth Muir has been a web-columnist for several years.  Included below are the links for his genre-related columns from web magazines Deep Outside and Far Sector:
January 2004: President Scary

December 2003:
Tru Calling - What a Difference a Day Makes

November 2003:
The Buzz is Back - The New Texas Chainsaw Massacre

October 2003:
Retro Tricks and Treats: Three Reasons to be Thankful this Halloween

September 2003:
Clash of the Titans (Freddy v. Jason)

August 2003:
Summer of the Machines (on T3 and Matrix Reloaded)

July 2003: 
Another One Bites The Dust: The Re-Imagination of Battlestar Galactica

June 2003: 
Bye-Bye Buffy

May 2003: 
Identity Crisis

April 2003:
Desert Power

March 2003:
Superhero Nation

February 2003:
Living but not Prospering in the Age of a Fan Utopia

January 2003:
End of an Era: Sci-Fi TV Takes a Hit

December 2003:
The Solaris Enigma

The Scariest Horror Movies of All-Time

Terror on Your Modem

Vanilla Sci-Fi

Vampire Slayer Award

Not Very Special Effect

Hodder Fodder

Take Two: Hollywood's Remake Obsession

Howling at Hollywood: Brotherhood of the Wolf

The Truth Was Out There...The Cancellation of the X-Files

A Song in my heart

The Human Adventure is Just Beginning

Summer of '82

The New Golden Age of Science Fiction Television

Dino-Might: Jurassic Park III

You'll Believe a Man Can Fly

Big Daddy Mars

Back to the Future: Sci-Fi Favorites Rise from the Ashes

Space 2001: Interview with Johnny Byrne

Apples and Oranges: Interview with Dorothy Fontana