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Applause Theatre and Cinema Books:

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Best in Show: The Films of Christopher Guest and Company, An Askew View: The Films of Kevin Smith, The Unseen Force: The Films of Sam Raimi, as well as new John Muir books  Singing a New Tune: The Re-Birth of the Modern Film Musical from Evita to De-Lovely and Beyond and Mercy in Her Eyes: The Films of Mira Nair.

Visit McFarland's home-page to order Horror Films of the 1970s, The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television, The Films of John Carpenter, Terror Television, Exploring Space:1999, An Analytical Guide to Battlestar Galactica and other John K. Muir books
Powys Media
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Space:1999 novel (officially licensed) entitled The Forsaken. And while you're there, pick up Bill Latham's Resurrection, another novel in the 1999 series.


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Far Sector, the web magazine, for great genre fiction and non-fiction.  John writes a monthly column there on all things sci-fi/horror media related.
Listed below are several links to magazines, web-sites and interviews related to John Muir and his works in print:

Interview with John on the subject of Terror Television by Dr. Howard Margolin and from Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

Interview with John in the Enquirer Journal, by John Tompkins, entitled "Encyclopedic."

Interview with Gannett News on An Askew View: The Films of Kevin Smith

New Jersey Monthly's Online Buzz Bin (Askew View mention)

Movie Poop Shot (Askew View mention)

Interview with John Kenneth Muir at (re: The Forsaken & Exploring Space:1999)

Exclusive Interview with John Kenneth Muir at

Interview with John Kenneth Muir at Powys Media

Interview with John Kenneth Muir (on his Blake's 7 book) at The Anorak Zone

The Hills Have Eye
s (Senses of Cinema/author: Steven Jay Schneider; John cited)

Who is the King of the World
(A Look at Doctor Who in the Media by John K. Muir)

Remake Insanity: Why Battlestar Galactica Shouldn't Be The Same Old Hollywood Game
(by John Kenneth Muir)

Pyramids of Mars

Tomb of the Cyberme

A Content Analysis of Space:1999's Two Seasons

John Kenneth Muir's Space:1999 Concordance!

A Snurcher's Guide to Farscape (Grey Canon
Some of John's Favorite Sites/People:

William Latham's Home Page - the site dedicated to the works of a brilliant author, William Latham, who re-invented the Frankenstein Saga with his novel Mary's Monster, and also wrote Space:1999 Eternity Unbound and Space:1999: Resurrection

The Flick Filosopher - well-informed, smartly-written, clever and independent film criticism from the Net's finest critic. John is a micropatron there, and you should be too, especially if you appreciate a free, non-corporate press and good, fair-thinking film criticism.

Cinefear - see The Bloody Ape! A great source for rare 1960s and 1970s exploitation films

Space 1999 Net - Links, message boards and forums for the classic Space:1999 series.

- the blog for veteran author, editor, film expert, toy collector and internet scribe, Allan Maurer.

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Feoamante's Horror Home Page San Francisco (see Nob Hill)
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Invasion of the Mushroom People (SF/horror)
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