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John is an avid researcher and chronicler of TV series from the 1960s - 1980s, with the seventies being his favorite era.

Below, he has written a number of retrospectives of popular TV series from the seventies and eighties, often with interview material from the talents involved.



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Space:1999: Interview with Script Editor Johnny Byrne
A retrospective of Sid and Marty Krofft's classic Saturday Morning Adventure. Complete with many interviews from cast and crew!
A retrospective of the 1977 CBS series starring Gregory Harrison. This retrospective features interview material with William Nolan, Dorothy Fontana and others.
A look at the 1977 Saturday Morning Filmation TV Series starring Jonathan Harris.
A look at the Animated Star Trek series of the 1970s, featuring interview material with Filmation's Lou Scheimer, and Majel Roddenberry.
A page on the 1978 Glen Larson TV series, Battlestar Galactica, featuring excerpts from and quotes about John's book, An Analytical Guide to TV's Battlestar Galactica.
A page on the British sci-fi TV classic, Dr. Who. Features reviews of John's Book, A Critical History of Dr. Who on TV, as well as an excerpt from his book and a look at the table of contents.
A page on another British sci-fi TV classic, Blake's 7. Features reviews of John's book, A History and Critical Analysis of Blake's 7, as well as an excerpt from it, and a view of the table of contents.
This page offers a  detailed interview with One Step Beyond director (and host), the late, great star of TV's golden age, John Newland. Includes material on the infamous "Sacred Mushroom" episode of OSB.

The Electric Company: An Interview with Head Writer Paul Dooley

The Fantastic Journey: A Retrospective

Gerry Anderson's UFO: A Retrospective

Tales of the Gold Monkey: A Retrospective

Alien 3: A Retrospective

Interview with Martin Landau of Space:1999

Interview with Brian Johnson, spfx director of

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FILMFAXplus Jan/March 2004, No. 101: "John Newland: TV auteur. Final Interview with the Man Who Created ONE STEP BEYOND.

THE OFFICIAL FARSCAPE MAGAZINE # 8: (August 2002): Make a Wish (original short story)

THE OFFICIAL FARSCAPE MAGAZINE # 6: (May 2002): That Old Voodoo(original short story)

FILMFAX Feb/Mar 2002: All the World's A Stage...And the Universe Too! A Look at the Future with SPACE:1999 Screenwriter Johnny Byrne.

FILMFAX Feb/March2002: 1975: A Special Effects Odyssey! From SPACE ODYSSEY to STAR WARS with SPACE:1999 Special Effects Director Brian Johnson

CINESCAPE May/June 2001: Vintage Vision: Toon Trek; (w/Steve Hockensmith) Regarding the Animated STAR TREK series.


CINESCAPE January/February 2001: VINTAGE VISION: THE RUNNING MAN (Retrospective of LOGAN's RUN TV series).