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The Forsaken, read the interviews w/John on, Powys and

"But why are the feelings provoked by John Muir's story so pungent, so alive? Not solely, for being a highly enjoyable and pacey read; nor simply for its connection with the original experience...nor the reminders it provokes of a production that, eventually for me, was to last fifteen months.  Above all, it is because the author has got to the place I strived to arrive at with Main Mission Controller Paul Morrow's character." - Prentis Hancock, from his foreword.

"Author John Kenneth Muir (who had already written a book about the television series for McFarland books) takes the familiar characters and places them in a tough situation that reveals more of their personal lives...THE FORSAKEN captures the spirit of the show and continues to add to the mythos. It's also a damn good read."- The Undertaker,


"...well-researched and written from both an informed viewpoint as well as a great deal of enthusiasm."-TALKING PICTURES MAGAZINE

"...[The book] evinces a degree of respect and and credibility...this volume describes and discusses Craven's feature films and television shows with impressive persuasiveness and clarity...a worthy investigation..."-T.Lindvall, CHOICE, 1999

"Even if you think you know Wes Craven's work, I'm pretty sure you will learn something new...If you are a fan, you will want to buy the book."-Terry Wickham, FEARSMAG.COM

"...meticulous...breezy, engaging..."-Anthony Ambrogio, VIDEO WATCHDOG.

"...the best overview of his [Craven's] career I've seen up to this point....It is written with heart, yet a lot of fun."-LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS # 14.

"...displays considerable scholarship without being academic."-CLASSIC IMAGES, January 1999.

"The commentaries make especially interesting reading...a must-have item for fans of the director who is constantly reinventing himself."-Anthony Jackson, SAMHAIN, February '99.

"Wes Craven: The Art of Horror by John Kenneth Muir (McFarland & Company) covers every aspect of Craven's career." - Ellen Daltow, Editor, THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR (15th Annual Collection).

"When you think of the movie horror genre, one of the names that pops first into your mind is Wes Craven.  Wes has given us such horror classics as the
Nightmare on Elm Street films, the Scream films and The Serpent and the Rainbow. This intriguing book gives us the history of the man behind the in-depth look at a great mind." - Yvonne Glasgow, MusicRevueMag: Underground, the Goth and Punk Page, May 2004

"The book follows a films-of style format, with cast, crew listings, synopses, reviews and commentary. Muir does this stuff well, his enthusiasm for his subject is evident, and this should prove of interest to the slasher fan out there." - CLASSIC IMAGES, June 2004, page 42.

Wes Craven: The Art of Horror, Muir writes an in-depth analysis and synopsis of Craven's feature films, as well as covering his work in television.  Muir has an encyclopedic knowledge of the horror genre and it's amazing he has time to write due to the number of movies he's watched over the years.  But Muir separates himself from the true horror geek by giving psychological weight to his analysis and tempering his obvious love of the genre with critical comparisons to not only contemporary films, but the zeitgeist of the times of the films' release."
-Scott Nicholson, REALLY SCARY, Jan '05.

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"Most refreshing of all is Muir's use of scholarly investigation as the backbone of the text.  This book succeeds in giving legitimacy to the task of researching
Doctor Who as an important cultural phenomenon. This edition has a strong bibliography and an outstanding index that will be of great use to other researchers...the strongest of critical works on the program...John Kenneth Muir has given researchers of DOCTOR WHO and cult television alike... the definitive work on the program [Doctor Who] one that will be used for years to come...a must for the serious researcher's library..."-ZEPO, EARTHBOUND TIMELORDS, December 1999

"...spending time with Muir will breathe fresh life into your view of a series you thought you had sussed."-DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE

"...he [Muir] seems to have done a pretty good job of explaining and describing DOCTOR WHO here." -INTERZONE, January 20, 2000.

"...everything you would want to know about the show and who appeared in it."-LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS, November 2001.

"Doctor Who fans will be delighted with the book..."-Anthony Slide, CLASSIC IMAGES, January 2000.

"...necessary reading..."-CULT MOVIES

" essential reference which provides critical and historical examinations of the ideas, morals and philosophies contained in the hit TV series...This provides anecdotes and fine insights...essential for avid Dr. Who fans."-THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"...he [Muir] is selling the show to American fans of sf television and films, encouraging them to take a look at a cheap but much moved little imported series which is becoming increasingly difficult to find in the syndicated schedule."-Andrew Pixley, CELESTIAL TOY ROOM

"...[The book] goes into the themes behind the series in considerable depth.   It examines (deep breaths) genre antecedents, morality, thematic concepts, cinematography, special effects, technical details and much more.   Amazingly, it covers not only broadcast WHO but also the novels, merchandise, stage productions, films, radio, spin-offs, fan clubs and Internet.  An incredible work..." - THE DOCTOR WHO REVIEW


"... [The book] offers a well-written look back at the show...He [Muir] takes the reader from the stunning pilot film portraying the marooning of Moonbase Alpha onward through two seasons of mystery and menace from beyond the beyond...This...thoroughly researched work also addresses the curiously strident attacks the show has received from fans
of Star Trek. In the chapter Defending Space:1999, Muir compiles the criticism against the show (including a New York Times piece by Isaac Asimov) and provides good counterarguments for the series's place in the pantheon of television science fiction. Recommended..." - LIBRARY JOURNAL

"...a must for series fans..."-VIDEOSCOPE

"...a comprehensive treatment of this neglected British-made television series...provides a detailed history...and presents a critical commentary that displays familiarity with a wide range of popular culture material." -AB BOOKMAN's WEEKLY

"...a perfect companion...insightful..." - TELEVISUALS & THEME TUNES

"Muir's book is a pretty good history of SPACE:1999, and it includes a painstakingly detailed episode guide."-FRANKLIN HARRIS, PULP CULTURE, Jan 07, 1999.

"Thorough and impressive..."-Martin Willey, THE CATACOMBS

"...a very well-made account...a thoroughly researched look into Gerry Anderson' epic...the author is honest and open about the show's flaws...and he goes a long way towards debunking some of the absurd criticism thrown at the series..." - POPACALYPSE: The TV Bookshelf

"Invaluable information is provided on the series... [some of which] never revealed before.  A must for any fan of the series." - LE SITE QUEBECOIS DE COSMOS:1999.

s 7:
Read an interview with John Kenneth Muir on the subject of his Blake's 7 book at The Anorak Zone! And while you're there, also read the Zone's really interesting (and objective)  analysis of the book.

";...the daddy of all references sources about the show and its following...a useful guide...Muir delivers the substance."-ZEALOT.COM

"Mr. Muir's book, like the distant universe it describes, glows brightly."-R.J FYNE, KEAN UNIVERSITY, FILM AND HISTORY

"Muir is good at catching details...[Muir's] tying together of themes and threads within the series is a great strength of the book." - Ann Basart, HERMIT.ORG: Deeply Silly Space Series or Heroic Poem?

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"..exhaustive...Think of it as a doctoral thesis on
Battlestar Galactica...a critical episode-by-episode review of the original series...he [Muir] remains one of the shows preeminent critics and fans." - Paul Hughes, AMAZING STORIES, January 2005.

"We...highly recommend John Kenneth Muir's
An Analytical Guide to Television's Battlestar Galactica."- BATTLESTARGALACTICA.COM (2002 - 2003)

"Mr. Muir staunchly defends his chosen subject [
Battlestar Galactica] especially against the charge it was a mere Star Wars rip-off. He believes it was part of a sci-fi explosion in which both films and television shows took part.  The book itself looks at the continuing phenomenon of Battlestar Galactica and how interest in it continues both with fans and producers." It contains an interesting appendix of all the stock footage and models recycled for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, another Glen Larson project." - Sean Delaney, TV SCI-FI GUIDE, BRITISH NATIONAL LIBRARY (Page 19).

";...hands down the greatest, most detailed, comprehensive guide to
Battlestar Galactica ever written... [a] must have..." - John Dorsey, LT. SHEBA's GALAXY.

"Exhaustive, informative, and intelligent chronicle of the sftv series..." - MYSTERY & IMAGINATION.COM

"...fascinating information...useful and appealing..." - CLASSIC IM

"Exceptionally well-argued book about the merits of the much-maligned series.  Made me think about aspects I'd never even considered regarding the show." - POP CULTURE DEBRIS, 8/27/03

"...Muir has authored a superb analysis of the
Battlestar Galactica TV series, noting the show's many critics, its strong audience pull and so forth.  He analyzes all of the 17 episodes...Muir's overall spot on.  He recognizes Battlestar Galactica as an enjoyable and thought provoking series..."- MIKE DALY (on Battlestar Zone: Battlestar Galactica Reviews) (c) 1999
..a damn good read...
"written with heart, yet a lot of fun."
...the strongest of critical works on the program...the definitive work on the program...
Exploring Space:1999: is ...thorough and impressive...
...hands down the greatest, most detailed, comprehensive guide to Battlestar Galactica ever written...
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